The Exclusive "Interview" (Part 1: Creating Riverton)

 The Exclusive "Interview" Part 1

A recapped interview sourced from the About section at the company main site:

(PART 1: Creating Riverton)

Q: When will Riverton break ground? 

  • Bass Pro Shops is scheduled to be Riverton’s first retailer out of the ground as we work toward groundbreaking in 2022.

Q: When will Riverton be open? 

  • We look forward to opening the first phase in 2024. 

Q: How will Riverton secure the site? 

  • As part of our standard property operations, we deploy many different techniques to provide a safe and secure environment for our guests. We employ a full-time Public Safety department that is onsite with a dispatch 24 hours per day. From the property onsite command center, we monitor all property cameras and communications and work in concert with local law enforcement, fire, and government officials to ensure that our events and activations minimize the impact on city services.

Q: What if we don't like the design? 

  • Riverton has assembled a world-class development team that includes master planners and waterfront design experts Cooper Robertson, which created the overall plan for Battery Park City and many other award winning streetscapes and Wakefield Beasley. We are known for our purpose driven approach to curating exceptional mixed-use developments and collaborating with the communities they serve. The team embarks on extensive research, which includes visiting many of the top relevant mixed-use and waterfront developments in the country and incorporating successful elements of their designs into the conceptualization of Riverton. 

Q: What is the latest in construction or progress updates at Riverton? 

  • At the moment, a lot is happening behind the scenes. Our team continues to work collaboratively with the Borough of Sayreville on matters that need to be considered before beginning vertical construction. We are anxious to get started and will happily share our schedule via social channels and on our website once we’ve collectively agreed to the timeline. 

Q: How is Riverton working to resolve pollution and toxicity on the site? 

  • Development of this parcel of land along the Raritan River is quite complicated. The site is one of the largest Brownfield Redevelopment projects in the United States, and remediation activities are being completed under the supervision of licensed professionals pursuant to plans approved by NJ Department of Environmental Protection, which monitors progress on an ongoing basis. We will continue to comply with all regulatory requirements to build a healthy and safe community for New Jersey. 

Q: How are you planning to control flooding at the site? 

  • Our talented engineering team is designing the project so that all construction meets or exceeds the post-Hurricane Sandy flood zone designations. 

Q: How will Riverton mitigate traffic? 

  • Riverton is required to conduct an analysis of traffic impacts of the project at various stages of completion and full build-out, and to address required improvements in affected public roadways. One of the critical aspects of the overall development plan is the $80+ million addition of the recently completed Exit 125 ramp system that connects the Garden State Parkway to Chevalier Avenue and Main Street Extension. Prior to opening to the public, we also will complete improvements to Chevalier Avenue, at the intersections with Routes 9 and 35. The vast majority of vehicle trips generated by the completion of Riverton will pass through the improved intersection network from these three major regional arterial roads. 

Q: Why has this taken so long to build? 

  • Development of this parcel of land along the Raritan River is quite complicated. The site is one of the largest Brownfield Redevelopment projects in the United States, and cleaning it up to the level of satisfaction required by the EPA was no small task. However, we are ready to move to the next phase. Riverton is a well-funded, $2.5 billion mixed-use community that combines shops, restaurants, office, residential, entertainment, hotel, and an activated waterfront in a carefully curated street level experience, highly programmed gathering spaces and resort-inspired hospitality. The Riverton Team has the vision, experience, financial backing, and proven track record for successfully executing on immersive, walkable mixed-use communities to bring this exciting project to fruition. 

Q: Isn’t there already a Riverton, NJ? Why is this called Riverton? 

  • We chose the name “Riverton” for our mixed-use destination in Central Jersey to emphasize the connection to the Raritan River, which will be celebrated with a public waterfront promenade. Just like there are multiple “Washingtons” in New Jersey, we are confident our Riverton project will develop its own, unique identity separate from the township in South Jersey. 

Q: Is this similar to/the same as the South Amboy or Raritan Bay Water front Park? 

  • Riverton will be an entirely new destination along the Raritan River. In addition to activated green spaces, street-level energy, and waterfront views, we will offer a vibrant mix of stores and restaurants, office space, a hotel and residences. The waterfront walkway at Riverton, Heroes Walk, will provide plenty of opportunity for fresh air and exercise, but Riverton will not have ball fields like the Waterfront Park.

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