The Exclusive "Interview" (Part 2: Life at Riverton)

 The Exclusive "Interview" Part 2

(PART 2: Life at Riverton)

Q: How can the community get involved? 

  • Join us in shaping the Riverton experience by sharing feedback on our social media channels and attending community events! We share the most up-to-date information on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow along! 

Q: What will rental rates be like at Riverton? 

  • Riverton will be designed for all people in our community and will offer housing at a variety of price points including affordable housing. Our rental rates will be competitive with the newest highly-amenitized apartment home product in desirable locations in Middlesex and surrounding counties. 

Q: Is Riverton only for an affluent community? 

  • In addition to being an economic catalyst for the region, Riverton will be a welcoming, inclusive gathering place that serves our Sayreville neighbors as well as greater New Jersey. Whether you visit for a bite to eat after a Bombers game, celebratory birthday dinner or ice cream with the family after little league, Riverton will offer something for everyone. 

Q: How many family homes are expected to be built at Riverton? Will Sayreville need to build another school? 

  • The Master Redevelopment Agreement in place with SERA requires that the new housing units on-site be designed to mitigate impacts on the local schools. The primary target market of residents is expected to comprise single Millennials and empty nesters. Approximately 75% of Riverton’s residential units are planned as one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and townhomes. The development of new housing is scheduled to occur over a period of 10 years and is not expected to significantly impact the Sayreville School System. 

Q: How many school kids are expected? 

  • The development will be marketed to a primary audience that includes empty nesters and single Millennials. Some families will also be part of the resident mix. Prior to commencement of development, a fiscal impact analysis will be submitted to the Borough with projections of school-age children living at Riverton in the future. 

Q: Will there be a "Sayreville First" hiring policy? How do I apply for a job? Who can I contact for a job related to the development/construction of Riverton? 

  • Riverton is expected to create thousands of jobs in the local economy, including construction jobs as the project is built, as well as retail and service positions once businesses open. We anticipate that many of the workers at Riverton will be from Sayreville. Once development begins, interested applicants will find a link on our website for job opportunities. 

Q: How much union labor is involved in this project? What parts of the project are included and what isn't? 

  • A Project Labor Agreement is in place with local unions. Union labor is currently performing remediation and associated site work and will fuel the construction of Riverton for years to come. 

Stay Tuned for Part 3: Financing & Taxes

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